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Welcome to Mistress Daniela


About Me
My name is Daniela. I was born on August 14th. 
I reside in Romania Bucharest and I firmly believe that Women are superior to men and should rightfully be treated so. 

 I am an incredibly intelligent, independent and strong-willed Woman.
I walk tall in the knowledge that I am of the superior sex. 

I am often described as the perfect Woman and not a day goes by that I am not noticed on the street by men.  men automatically step aside for Me, open doors for Me and offer to make My life easier.

I love to control pathetic little losers.  I am the ultimate supremacist, men like you are worthless in My eyes and can only gain acknowledgement by sending Me your hard earned cash.

I keep My expectations high and expect the best from all those I come into contact with.
I do not waste My precious time on bumbling idiots and ignorant fools. 

I am beautiful, strong and powerful.
I am perfection personified, regal and seductive. 

I know men want Me and need Me.
Giving Me pleasure is their ultimate reward. 

It can be yours too