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Want to be truly owned?

Do not send your info If you can't afford to send me $50.00 for this aplication ....
then why are you looking at blackmail?

Blackmail Contract:
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Birthday :
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Marital Status
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Special Information
Tell me 2 secrets, that no one knows, and give details!
Write here your secrets and describe it .

By sending your information and fee, you agree that!?

I, the slave, am of legal, adult age, of sound and sane mind. I agree to Consentual Blackmail, and will not hold Mistress Daniela  in any legal liability, against or to her, for any ills that may result in exploring this Fetish. I have willingly submit my personal information to her, for this purpose.
That I will learn from, and obey Mistress Daniela, always being on my best behavior, putting her needs and wants before my own, having her always in my thoughts.
I know that to fail her, is not acceptable, and may result in severe punishment and/or release, or release of information to third parties, that I have provided.
I will inform Mistress Daniela of all present income, and inform her of any changes.
If at any point I need release from my commitment to Misstress Daniela, I shall write/chat/beg with great respect, good reason and explanation, in hope she may through me away without harmful consiquences.